The Likeness Of Child Upbringing And Business Development

Business is a thing that takes time, lots of time. Just as Dana Sibilsky wrote about her experiences as a stay-at-home-mom, a business requires the same dedication, love, nurturing and patience as a child does for many years.

If you have children, you’ll understand the likeness of child upbringing and business development and that will be the topic for this article. Let’s break this down.

Children require a parent’s 100% dedication and effort. Far too many children today, as well as businesses, are being seen as a hobby and something to be done in one’s free time. Instead, treat your business as your passion. It’s going to be your blood, sweat and tears that brings your business up to being a must after being dead in the dust.

A child is no different because they take work. If you do not get serious about your children, they will fail. Likewise, if you do not get serious about your business, it will also fail. The end result of a neglected child is to have them taken from you. The end result of a neglected business is the same fate.


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