Meeting With The Ian Leaf Tax Fraud CEO

When you take the time to think of it, there are businesses out there for any kind of need you may have. Businesses for fish, guns, food, cars, computers, you name it! One interesting business I’ve recently discovered is Ian Leaf Tax Fraud. These guys are masters in catching tax crooks. All you have to do is give them your case and they will handle it.

Ian-leaf-bookI recently met with Mr. Ian Leaf to talk about his business and the success of his new book entitled, “Ian Leaf’s Starting a HFC Business at Home.” We sat down with a cup of coffee and what he had to tell me was highly educational. “There is a difference in tax avoidance and tax evasion,” said Ian. “Many people don’t know the difference, but it’s a case we take on very often at Ian Leaf Tax Fraud. Tax avoidance is completely legal. That alone shocks people. It’s the tax evasion that will get you.”

After staring at him for a few minutes, he could tell that I was as lost as a deer in the headlights, so he continued. “The two sound a lot alike. Tax avoidance is smart and legal. It lowers your tax bill organizing your transactions so you gather the most tax benefits. Tax evasion is when you attempt to lessen your tax liability via concealment, deceit, subterfuge, etc. That’s not smart.”

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