Luigi Wewege On the Importance of Employee Empowerment

Luigi Wewege Formal Dinner

The impact of quality business leadership is well documented, but one of the most important aspects of leadership is a clear willingness to effectively empower employees. This is often quite difficult for leaders to accomplish, but those who have been most effective in empowering their employees have experienced countless benefits. A respected business leader like Luigi Wewege is undoubtedly familiar with the positive impact of employee empowerment on business success, but there are many other executives who may still be unfamiliar with this particular strategy.

Employees who are empowered feel totally invested in the success of the company, which in turn improves overall employee productivity and also ensures a consistent focus on the quality of their efforts. In order to ensure that this strategy is effective, business leaders have to select employees who thrive when they are provided with a degree of autonomy and should also understand that they will be expected to develop strong leadership skills of their own.

Of course, business leaders also have to take it upon themselves to develop these skills within their employees as well, and many of the most effective executives understand that they have to make a concerted effort to create the specific conditions in which leadership skills are most likely to be developed in the employees working for their company. This means that leaders have to know how to efficiently manage their staff without overdoing it to the point that it becomes micromanaging, and it also means possessing the ability to strike the kind of balance in employee empowerment that yields the greatest possible increase in employee productivity.

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