Groza Learning Center

Scott Groza is a name that’s not really well known, but it does depend significantly on who you talk to. Some may have never even heard of him, and others have, and love what he is as well as who he is. He is not only well known among some people, but for different reasons. His name is apparently well known in the academic community for sure.

He is the co-founder of the Groza Learning Center, where kids from k-12th grade can receive help based on their individual needs in any subject. He has inspired countless students and helped a lot of other people care about their own education in a world class facility as well. This even extends to daycare and other services like tutoring for kids. He also gets to meet and learn about them in a more personal way. More of what he does can be found here.

It’s great when you can find something you love, are passionate about and you can get paid for it too. That’s just the icing on the cake. It seems like Scott Groza does extremely well giving of himself, but what more can you give? As it turns out, an awful lot more because he cares so much about the children they take care of and teach. That must be pretty amazing to know you have impacted so many in so many different ways.

Part of the giving back that Scott Groza does is give back in the form of a Groza Learning Center scholarship. So what he does is he has the kids that will be graduating high school or are attending college to write an essay on what redemption means to them. What better way to get to know a student than to have them write an essay? This fits in well with the learning center Groza co-founded as well.

Groza’s passion is children, there’s no doubt about that. Whether he is tutoring or taking care of the kids he is in charge of, or both, he is where he is meant to be. His passion has intrigued others and inspired them. This is where he does his best work.

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